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On the DL (and I don't mean the Down Low), plus a big trade

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While skimming through posts on the Hot Stove Blog for more winter meeting rumblings I came across an interesting post by an A's fan from back in August, talking about the Disabled List. Around that time was when Crosby and Giambi went on the DL (and Crosby's father whined about it), but while I think we generally know how the DL works in most cases there were still a few tidbits in the post that provided a little extra info the average fan might not know about. There's also a copy of the "Standard Form of Diagnosis" (SFD) that has to be filed with the Commissioner's Office.

Read about it here.

Among the stories swirling today that involve one-time A's (in the Majors or the farm system):

* The Milwaukee Brewers may be interested in Mark Mulder

* Mark Teahen signs a 3-year contract with the Chicago White Sox

* Rumors indicate the Pittsburgh Pirates are still very serious about Bobby Crosby.  If so, good luck!

The big story is the New York Yankees getting Curtis Granderson in a three-team deal (pending medical clearance).  The way it breaks down:

- DET gets OF Austin Jackson & RP Phil Coke from NYY, plus SP Max Scherzer & RP Daniel Schlereth from ARI
- ARI gets SP Ian Kennedy from NYY & SP Edwin Jackson from DET
- NYY gets OF Curtis Granderson from DET

Clearly, the Yankees get stronger again right away as Granderson is easily the best player of the seven involved and all they gave up was a reliever, a young starter and a minor leaguer who may or may not ever reach Granderson's level.

The Tigers also come out pretty well in this one, especially if Austin Jackson even comes close to Granderson eventually.  Scherzer likely projects better than Edwin Jackson and they get some relief help as well. Of course, they don't have to pay Granderson's contract either and Scherzer is cost-controlled for a while, I believe.

The Diamondbacks have to hope Kennedy and Edwin Jackson benefit from playing in the NL West (and that Kennedy has no further arm problems).  Of the three teams they come out the worst in the deal as far as I can tell.