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Winter Meetings Day 1 -- Rumor Mill In Full Swirl

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How much to believe each rumor you hear from the Winter Meetings? Probably about as much as you believe each rumor on every "baseball rumor" site around the web. In other words, 90% of all rumors are false, and the other 10% are simply ridiculous.

Nonetheless, some of the "news" coming out of the Winter Meetings so far is interesting -- and could potentially be interesting to the A's...

If any of this is to be trusted...

The Phillies might be looking to deal Joe Blanton, seeking a more affordable pitcher in return for the arbitration-eligible Cake of Cups. The A's, really in need of a veteran starter who fits in the rotation's upper-middle, could certainly use a guy like this Blanton character and if anyone has young, affordable major league ready pitchers in the mix, it's Oakland. Hmm... Reverse rebuild! Seriously, though, now that Blanton's trade value is lower than when the A's dealt him -- because he has fewer years left on his contract -- perhaps the A's could reacquire Blanton for less than they got for him and wind up with Cardenas and Blanton...

The Rays are making a play for Roy Halladay that could include sending BJ Upton to Toronto where he could be flipped to a third team. Drool. Yes he had a really rough season in 2009, but BJ Upton is a very talented player who is only 25. Buy low!

Dan Uggla's name has resurfaced as a "likely" trade target, with the Giants named as a possible front-runner (not sure why, since they have Freddy Sanchez at 2B and Pablo Sandoval at 3B -- are they thinking of putting Uggla at 1B?). The blurb with the rumor notes the Marlins seeking bullpen help this off-season. Get 'er done, Billy!

Oh, and Rotoworld suggests that the Pirates are "making a push for Bobby Crosby." On purpose??? I think I'm starting to comprehend how 81 wins have eluded them for the past 17 years. That's not "rebuilding" -- that's just flipping off your fans while saving a finger.

Finally, I just need to say it: Brandon Inge!!! No rumors, there. Just me saying "Brandon Inge!!!"