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And Now...AN's 2010 Lineup!!!

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Just like the team we cover, AN's 2010 lineup of front page writers will have little power, and will be mostly defensive. What else is new? Here's how it looks, including a new addition to the "front page team"...

As he mentioned in a recent thread, Flashfire is stepping back to focus more (pun intended) on his photography. So let me first take this opportunity to publicly thank Flashfire for his excellent work, and dedication, to the front page. Only those who have managed a "day" on AN know how much time, energy, and most of all commitment, it takes to do well by the blog and make sure that game threads and recaps occur throughout the season, and that new content appears in the off-season. Writing on the front page is often similar to being an umpire: It's when people most notice you that you know you're probably doing a bad job. Thank you, Flashfire, and hope to see you on the front page again soon -- probably the next time I need a sub because I'm busy losing North Dakota (and South Dakota following a terrible decision to "double down") at River Rock.

Joining the front page crew is a guy who needs to buy a vowel but is otherwise well equipped (or so I've heard): danmerqury, most recently seen posting the "AFL pitch FX" series (James Simmons, Sam Demel, Mickey Storey, Grant Desme). Along with providing some posts of a more statistical, data-based nature as part of his "toolbox," danmerqury has also intimated he will tackle the project of updating the ANcillary terms and adding a "Metrics for Dummies" section that includes basic definitions and links to more detailed explanations. Welcome, danmerqury!

The projected lineup for 2010 now looks like this:

Mondays - emperor nobody (hopefully he'll have a good Spring; I know he recently had a good fall)
Tuesdays - danmerqury (making his debut next Tuesday, January 5th)
Wednesdays - baseballgirl (the true "face of AN"!)
Thursdays - 67MARQUEZ (congratulations, you're now 3rd in tenure -- but not 10th in thirdure)
Fridays - baseballgirl (I don't care what Cindi says about your hair, we love you!)
Saturdays - Nico (I know, I know -- I tried to get rid of his but his FIP is so damn good)
Sundays - Nico (OK, his FIP isn't actually that good, but have you seen his ass? Or even just his pants? Call me)

And that's the lineup, until 67MARQUEZ and baseballgirl switch a Thursday and Friday, emperor nobody subs for me on a Sunday, danmerqury runs a special piece on Monday...So yeah...Stuff will be posted a lot by somebody. Go A's!