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Best A's Related Christmas (Or Other Occasion) Gifts

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Happy Friday!

Okay, so you can't all be finished with your shopping yet. And all of us should know a special person who is craving an A's gift this year. My discussion questions of the day are: What is the best A's gift you have received and what A's (or baseball) gift would you love to receive?

I'll go first. I think the best and most surprising gift that I have received was this painting, done by a friend of my parents. She had traveled to the Coliseum to paint this for me as a gift.


A gift that I always have wanted to receive was this (warning: adorable A's baby items link):

Keep in mind; I do not have a baby. I just think it's the most adorable thing on the planet. Any chance I can pretend it's wind chimes?

I had to add one more, just for fun. I am a huge A's fan, but even I have to admit; this might be going a little far:


(Yes, that's actually carpet.)

Feel free to discuss upcoming plans, vacations, presents, and all A's-related merchandise here.