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The Boys of Summer documentary

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This is something I think a lot of us would love the chance to do. Most of us probably can't for one reason or another (money, jobs, etc.) but for those who get to see all of the MLB ballparks in a single season, it's like the holy grail for a baseball fan. Well, barring getting to see your team win it all, I guess. From what I actually saw in the trailer it looks like the majority of this trip was managed with various donations, including tickets. I could be wrong.

Anyway, since I don't have much to say and haven't lately I'll let AN user "princemilo" do the talking for me below, as he and his father did that baseball trip a few years ago and they have a DVD coming out documenting it.  Read on if you're interested in getting one, and I think I may just do so myself because I like a good baseball story and the whole father/son side of it. With all the crap I've wasted some of my money on over the years, this seems like a decent way to spend a few bucks and the proceeds do go to a very good cause.

Hey ANers,

As some of you may remember, my dad (who has Parkinson's Disease) and I went on the 20,000 mile road trip to all 30 MLB parks over two months in the summer of '04. The journey the ensuing award-winning documentary, "Boys of Summer", has been on has felt much longer.  However, it is finally getting a limited release.

100% of the proceeds from the film are going to the Michael J Fox Foundation. For those of you who aren't familiar with the film, please take a look at the site: You'll find all the info, letters of recommendation, news articles a trailer and how to order it there.

Thank you all for your support. Here's to a productive A's off season and a +.500 2010 (yeah, I'm tempering these days -- I'll happily take that much improvement and allow myself to be pleasantly surprised by anything better).

My best to you,

Robert Cochrane (a.k.a. princemilo)
Director, Writer, Producer "Boys of Summer"

He also gave us his phone number but I didn't want to stick that in there myself.  I'll let him comment and do so if he wishes.