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Happy ThANksgiving!

As we prepare to gather with family and friends for food and foot...oh wait, that's a bad word ‘round here, I wanted to take a moment to wish the ever-growing community here at Athletics Nation a warm and wonderful holiday.

In case you are suffering from heartburn or you've had enough of Uncle George's jokes, AN will be open all day today.  Feel free to sneak away and tell us who or what you are thANkful for- A's style.

Today is a day to give thanks to loved ones both near and far, but it is also to remember those who may not have so much to be thankful for. It was 25 years ago this week that this song was recorded, and its message still rings true today. It is not too often that I have a "Where were you" moment with a song, but this is one of them. I still remember sitting with my classmates in Journalism my senior year trying to pick out each artist as they sang their part.

I would be a turkey not to mention Nico's canned food drive from last Saturday.  It was well worth the trip to Berkeley to "witness the magic".  Kudos to his kids- no, not the four-legged kind in his backyard- who not only were as sweet as pumpkin pie, but happily handed out flyers in three separate shifts (and didn't even question the straight time pay!) to unsuspecting shoppers.  In restoring my faith in the human race, these fine folks were so inspired that they went about stuffing four barrels worth of food! The unofficial goal was two barrels, with everything beyond that considered, um, gravy.

OK, enough of the Thanksgiving clichés (I see you rolling your eyes). It's time to do my part for the feast. I am on Drinks Duty.  And if you think that's easy, try figuring out which beer, soda, juice, and wine to buy for some forty family members of all ages and tastes.

Before I forget, I am thANkful for the little team on Coliseum Way that continues to bring me joy after all these years, and for having an awesome group of people with whom to share my passion.

Be safe, and enjoy.



Was I supposed to share? Oops. Happy Thanksgiving, AN! -Nico