Random Images from 1973-1974

I was so inspired by 67marquez' post of vintage A's pics that I looked for and found some pictures I took before a couple of games in 1973 and 1974. The quality of the pics are so-so, but you can still get the feeling of the old Coliseum and it's kind of cool to see some of the players of the Dynasty years. My Dad took me to these games, we usually went to most of the giveaway days, and almost always sat right behind the A's dugout when we could. It was paradise for a 12 year old A's fan!

If anyone else has pictures from the old days, I for one would love to see them, it's kind of like time traveling.

Catfish Hunter

Campy Campaneris

Gene Tenace

Campy again


Deron Johnson

I did not note who this was, anyone?

Bill North

Pre-game warmups


Bob Locker

Vida Blue

Rollie Fingers with a bat and some odd horseplay going on.

Gene Tenace warms up

Charlie O (the donkey, not the ass)

Sal Bando warms up </p