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Open Thread: World Series Game 4 - Let's Hope They Tankees at Phillies

First of all, when Joe Blanton is your #4 starter you have a very good rotation. And when your ace can pitch on 3-days rest without missing a beat, you have a very good chance of winning the World Series. Such is the stage tonight: Blanton vs. Sabathia, with the Yankees leading the series 2 games to 1, Cliff Lee lined up to pitch Game 5 tomorrow, and tonight's game every bit a "must win" for the Phillies despite the unfavorable matchup.

In 4 career starts against the Yankees, Blanton is 0-3, 8.18 ERA over 22 IP. Interestingly, in those 22 IP Blanton has only allowed 22 hits but has walked 12, which probably speaks to how Blanton pitches differently (i.e., more carefully) to lineups of the Yankees' caliber. We'll see how aggressive Blanton is in the strike zone tonight facing the likes of Teixeira, A-Rod, and The Holy One.

First pitch is scheduled for 5:20PST. Tim McCarver's and Joe Buck's world should make sense again this evening, as it will be November for fans all across the country. Could someone please fire them, kthxbye!