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Big Huge Changes Coming To AN On Tuesday!!!!!!

Or maybe it's minor tweaks that you'll barely notice, I'm not sure. Who has time to read these memos carefully?

Scheduled for Tuesday (though as with the cable guy, it could be anytime between 1:00pm-5:00pm and may not in fact show up on Tuesday), AN will undergo what is called a "visual refresh." Presumably it's not much.

However, I'm going to reserve judgment, having endured euphemisms too many times before -- such as my dentist saying, "This may pinch a little" (Translation: "You may hit the ceiling when I hit this nerve") and my principal explaining that the new student "Can be fidgety" (Translation: "Hide your breakables, and don't plan on getting any teaching done while he's in the room").

Not that you should rely on me for sophisticated technological information. Having mastered the On/Off button only last year, I just recently discovered that there's a function -- it's actually a single key on the typing-board thing -- that if you keep it pressed down you can type all the same letters, only they show up capitalized. I know!!!

But my understanding, such that I can have any when it comes to the technological side of life, is that while AN will look "pretty much the same, just not identical" following this visual refresh, among other purposes this is the first step in a project to speed up load time (woo hoo!).

I also wanted to let readers know that I have a series of fun and different features planned for the off-season -- I'll wait until the World Series is over to announce them next weekend -- so I hope folks won't take off directly into hibernation, as I plan for this off-season to be especially filled with new features ranging from "entertaining" to "instructive" to "well that's different!" Stay tuned...