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Open Thread: Playoffs - Day 2

After three uninspiring games games to kick off the '09 post-season, we have another triple-header for you today.  Pat Riley once said a series doesn't start until a road team wins a game, so in that sense, no series has started yet. Of course that is especially true in the case of the Angels and Red Sox who resume their annual October affair this evening.  If yesterday is any indication, AN'ers either love the playoffs, or have no lives. Perhaps a little of both.

The lineup (sans actual line-ups):

11:37 PST: Colorado @ Philadelphia, Game 2. Aaron Cook for the Rockies, Cole Hamels for the champs.

3:07 PST: St. Louis @ Los Angeles, Game 2. Adam Wainwright for the Cards, Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers.

6:37 PST: Boston @ Anaheim, Game 1. Jon Lester for the Red Sox, John Lackey for the Angels.


And as a quick preview to the next segment of the Scrapbook series, today marks the 20th anniversary of this moment:

 ALCS - 23