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Open Thread: World Series Game 3 - Yankees at Phillies

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! If there was ever any doubt, there is now conclusive proof that I am a pane in the ass.



Tonight, Andy Pettitte goes up against Cole Hamels as the series shifts over to the City of Brotherly Love likely rain. Hopefully, they can get Game 3 in tonight without difficulty. Even if it's raining pretty hard, though, Derek Jeter should have little difficulty as he can always just walk on water. First pitch is scheduled for 4:57PDT. Enjoy daylight savings time while you can!

UPDATE, 5:15pm PDT: The game is in a rain delay with the score Cloudburst 1, National Anthem 0 in the 0th inning. The weather forecast calls for decreasing showers starting within the hour, so it appears likely they will get the game in, in its entirety, tonight, just not yet...

UPDATE, 6:00pm PDT: First pitch is estimated to be at 6:15pm PDT. It's an exciting moment because Derek Jeter will be in the batter's box, existing.