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No Shortage of Confidence on These Phillies

More and more, the Phillies are reminding me of a certain mustachioed team from the early 1970's, though one of the most glaring differences (I mean, besides mascots) is that the A's liked to make things hard on themselves while the Phillies prefer the foot-to-the-neck approach.

During Oakland's three-year run as World Champions (I love typing that), they played a total of six series'. In those days (I hate typing that), they only had to win two rounds to be crowned the champs- a best-of-five ALCS, and the World Series. In the first two years- 1972 and '73- the A's played the maximum amount of games (12), before disposing of Baltimore in four, and Los Angeles in five in 1974. Oakland was just 6-5 in close-out contests. In 33 games, the A's played an amazing 19 one-run contests (they were 14-5 in such games). Their biggest margin of victory out of their 21 wins? Five (on a pair of 5-0 shutouts).

By comparison, the Phillies have played five rounds of ball, plus change, the last two seasons; a total of 24 games.  They are 18-6. While they have not swept any of their series', they have not lost more than one game in any of them.


Philadelphia is 4-1 in close-out games, and can kill you softly or attack relentlessly. The champs are 7-2 in one-run contests, but have also won games by 10-2, 10-4, and 11-0. And they are quite the tone-setters, having triumphed in every series opener the last two seasons. Did I mention that they are 8-4 on the road (10-2 at home)?

Yes, it is a team oozing with confidence, just like those swingin', swaggerin' A's of yesteryear. I don't know what side of Cliff Lee's fence you sit on in regard to his nonchalant catch of Johnny Damon's pop-up, but I loved it.

And how about  that Chase Utley, PaulThomas?

Some current A's stuff:

This from the creator of a website I frequent often for all-things Rickey:

For one reason or another, almost any A's fan has a soft spot in their heart for ex-Athletic Rickey Henderson.  I'm a huge A's and Rickey fan, and my site has been mentioned quite a few times here at AN. I was recently able to attend the Hall of Fame Induction of Rickey Henderson, which is something I had "planned" since I was about 8 years old. I entered my favorite of the approximately 2,000 pictures that I took into the "faces of the game" category of a contest that ESPN is currently holding.
You can vote for my picture here.
There are two portions to the contest, the judged portion, and the people's choice portion., where I've currently made it into the Top 15.  But, the contest is open to professionals, as well as amateurs, so I could use all the help that I can get!  The winning pictures will be published in ESPN: The Magazine, which would definitely be a cool collectible to add to my Rickey collection.
Good luck, Brad!
And thanks to my new friend Walter, who posted some AMA'SING pics from the early 1970's on his FB page. Truly awesome. In the pic below, look all the way to the right at the tarps. Now veer to the section to the very left (your left, silly).
I used to live there.