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Open Thread: World Series - Game 1

So, it's the World Series. The Angels aren't in it (small comfort for those of us living in or around the Orange County area), but neither are the A's. And frankly, I'm quite sick of the A's recent lack of appearances in this contest. Maybe we can change that as we approach a new decade.

In case you have been reading up on the Warriors (opening game tonight!) instead of watching the LDS or LCS, the 2009 World Series will feature the Yankees and the Phillies. Are we rooting for the Evil Empire or for a repeat performance by the Phillies?

Or are we watching basketball?

I'd like to encourage you to watch some more baseball. Barring snowstorms and freezing conditions as we rapidly approach the end of October, it should be a pretty good, well-matched series.

Game one is tonight at 7:57 ET (5:00 for us Pacific-types), and it will feature Cliff Lee against CC Sabathia. Both pitchers have been great so far this postseason; I would venture to say that tonight's game will be a pitchers' duel--with the small caveat that the game will be played in the homerun-friendly Yankee Stadium, thanks to the AL winning yet another All-Star Game. Additionally, with Howard and A-Rod simply teeing off in the post-season, we may see some homeruns.

We'll have all the action here on AN as we end the 2009 baseball season, looking forward to 2010.


Philadelphia Phillies @ New York Yankees

10/28/09 4:57 PM PDT

Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees
Jimmy Rollins - SS Derek Jeter - SS
Shane Victorino - CF Johnny Damon - LF
Chase Utley - 2B Mark Teixeira - 1B
Ryan Howard - 1B Alex Rodriguez - 3B
Jayson Werth - RF Jorge Posada - C
Raul Ibanez - DH Hideki Matsui - DH
Ben Francisco - LF Robinson Cano - 2B
Pedro Feliz - 3B Nick Swisher - RF
Carlos Ruiz - C Melky Cabrera - CF