Anyone Remember Catfish Hunter's Perfect Game?

A few months ago I went through the microfilm archives and dug up some coverage by the Chronicle and others of Catfish Hunter's perfect game vs. the Twins on May 8, 1968. I thought I'd contribute an offseason diversion by asking if anyone here went to the game, but since the attendance was reported at barely over 6,000, I doubt anyone did. And even if you were, maybe you're like Lowell Cohn, who wrote a column around the time of Catfish's death, saying he went to the game, had no idea perfection was happening, and hardly remembers the game. Still, maybe a few of you guys at least listened to some of it or read the news of it.

Isn't Catfish's perfect game the first landmark in Oakland A's history? Apparently it was their 12th game in Oakland, so I assume it is.