May Be Overplayed. But My Ideal Off-Season

I understand that this may be overplayed at this time or could be at some point in the near future. But i have decided to put together a post stating what i believe the A's should do this off-season. This while keeping an eye on the future and hoping to be somewhere near contention in 2010.

1. We have a surplus of relievers in Andrew Bailey, Joey Devine, Brad Zeigler, Michael Wuertz, Edgar Gonzalez, Sam Demel, Henry Rodriguez etc... Did i miss someone? I think the A's would be well suited to trade Wuertz for a hitter or possibly some young talent. Do we really need 8 relievers?

2. Non tender Jack Cust and sign a short term replacement that will cost the same and not be so strikeout prone.

3. Sign a veteran starting pitcher to supplement the young pitching. If the A's are even going to think about winning 85-90 games in 2010 they are going to go after a solid veteran to fill the 2,3 or 4 spot.

4. Add another bat be it at first base or in the outfield. The A's are about 27 million under budget and can afford to get a nice veteran slugger at between 7 and 10 million per season. The options may be limited though.

5. Re-sign Adam Kennedy. He did great things for the A's in 2009 and re-established himself as a good platoon or bench player. Could fill in at 2nd and 3rd and start between 80 and 100 games if need be. Also wouldn't cost more then 3 million on a one year deal.

6. Call up Brad Kilby and Sam Demel from AAA and have them start the season in the pen. This is another reason why the A's can afford to sell high on Michael Wuertz.

My plan

Trade Michael Wuertz to a team like the Dodgers, Yankees, Tigers or Phillies and bring in some more young talent. I see no reason why a major league caliber hitter couldn't be had for him

Sign Nick Johnson to a 1Y-5MD contract or even go as high as a 2Y-9MD deal. Johnson has been injury prone and I could see him taking a short term contract on a team where he will be an everyday starter and be able to earn a larger pay day down the road.

Sign Doug Davis or Jason Marquis to a 2Y-11MD contract or something along those lines. Offer a one year contract if at all possible

Sign OF- Jermaine Dye to a 1Y-10MD or 2Y-18MD contract. The A's can afford this and if i am not mistaken this signing wouldn't cost them a draft pick. If it would then go after another type B free agent.


1. LF- Rajai Davis

2. 3B- Adam Kennedy

3. C- Kurt Sazuki

4. RF- Jermaine Dye

5. 1B- Nick Johnson

6. LF- Scott Hairston

7. CF- Ryan Sweeney

8. 2B- Mark Ellis

9. SS- Cliff Pennington


Brett Anderson

Dallas Braden

Doug Davis

Trevor Cahill

Gio Gonzalez or Vin Mazzaro


Andre Bailey

Joey Devine

Brad Zeigler

Craig Breslow

Edgar Gonalez, Sam Demel, Henry Rodriguez, Brad Kilby, Santiego Casilla

The A's also have a lot of options in the minors to be called up later in the season. I would also try to get what i could for Daric Barton because he no longer fits into the A's off-season plans. They could have Kennedy play 3rd until Wallace is ready to take over, if he is. Carter is another option for later in the season but i believe the A's should remain patient and not rush him