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Bad Managing Beats Bad Managing! Angels 7, Yankees 6

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67MARQUEZ may be along with a recap, but I wanted to duck in by saying that next time I'm inclined to rag on Bob Geren (and I expect it will be around early April) remind me that even the managers I think are good seem to make the strangest decisions sometimes.

With John Lackey wobbling in the 7th inning of a 4-0 game, Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira coming up, Mike Scioscia had to decide whether to stick with Lackey or pull him in favor of lefty Darren Oliver. The one thing I did not expect was for Scioscia to stay with lefty against the lefty Damon, but then when Lackey retired Damon pull his ace for Darren Oliver. You either use Oliver for both hitters or neither. Odd.

No odder, I suppose, than Joe Girardi, with Mariano Rivera ready to go 2 innings, Hughes and Chamberlain well rested, sending erratic A.J. Burnett out to start the 7th with a 6-4 lead. That didn't go too well either.

Walking Alex Rodriguez with two out and the bases empty in the 9th inning of a 7-6 game? Come on. It may seem like the guy HRs on command, but in fact you generally do better to keep people off the bases than to put them there on purpose. Pitch carefully, by all means, pitch on your terms, but don't overuse the intentional walk like it's a move you're eager to make when you get the chance. That one worked out to the tune of Fuentes loading the bases and going to a full count before escaping by the barest of margarines. I guess it couldn't really have gone butter.

And these are good managers.