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All-You-Can-Post (About the A's) Thread

I am of the (humble) opinion that there are way too many non-A's related items on this front page (memo to the Home Nine: make the playoffs next season, or else).

So before the likes of Lackey and Jeter take over tonight, I wanted to open up this thread for all things A's, and A's things only.

Who is your team MVP for '09?  Favorite moment?  Biggest surprise?  Disappointment?  Favorite AN Day dish?  (Hmm, too easy, perhaps).  Hopes for 2010?  Road trips for the coming season?

Do what you do AN.  Post a pic, reminisce, dump a link, swoon over Sweeney, count the days ‘til Spring Training, or tell your fellow AN'ers how much you dig them (please pick me; I'm needy today).

First one to mention any other team without the words "when the A's beat the" in front of it will be sentenced to ZigFan31's basement.

Oh, wait.