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NLCS Game 2 / ALCS Game 1: Open Thread

I write this on my way out the door; I'm going to the Dodgers game today. Yes, at 1pm, effectively eliminating most of Los Angeles from watching their team on TV today. Don't even get me started with MLB's ban on the word "Dodgers" on the radio, either. It seems like they are doing the opposite of promoting baseball in SoCal, but I'm still going to go, looking for the Dodgers to even the series after coming up on the wrong end of last night's slugfest. Today's game will feature Padilla against Pedro. Here's to a great game!

The prime time game tonight will, of course, be the Yankees CC Sabathia against John Lackey. Now, that's a match-up. I'll be back in the thread for that one.

Happy Friday, all!