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Monday's Minor Leagues Update: 2009 Version!

There’s not a whole lot of new info when it comes to the A’s minor league system this time of year; in fact, we’re pretty much at the point when all that’s left to do is to start speculating about who’ll be playing where to start next season. It’s a bit of a desperation move but one that’s usually good for a few rounds of discussion. (Good work there, Zonis!)

So what to write about on this the first Monday of 2009?

To start with, how about I throw a bone to the ever diminishing crowd of folks who believe the A’s can replace that not dearly-departed-enough Bobby Crosby at SS with a home grown option. Gregorio Petit has had himself a fine winter season with the bat while playing for Caracas in the Venezuelan League. He’s hitting 315/386/414 in 203 at bats with a 22/36 BB/K rate to go with 14 doubles and 2 HR. I’m not sure how well those numbers will carry over into ST or if the A’s are even serious about giving him a chance at the starting SS job but he’s certainly not doing anything offensively to hurt his chances.

Santiago Casilla has been lights out for Escogido in the DWL; pitching 10 innings and collecting 4 Saves while allowing 1 R (unearned) 4 H, 3 BB and striking out 9.

Henry Rodriguez has been throwing awful for Zulia in the VWL. Note that I called what he did “throwing” and not “pitching”. 12 H and 13 BB in 11.2 IP does not in any way come close to earning the term “pitching”. I know the guy has a monster arm but the guy has regressed since the in-season promotion to Midland last year. If the A’s can find someone willing to pay almost full price for the dream that is Henry Rodriguez then they need to make that deal quick like bunny rabbit.

OK, now what do I write about next time around?

I’ve got an idea or three kicking around in my head but now ‘tis the season to make requests/offer suggestions about what you’d like to see in your Minor League reports. Let's hear what you got, AN.