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California Dreamin'

What: 9 A’s games in 10 days at 3 NL Parks
When: June 12th to June 21st, 2009
Ballparks Visited: AT&T Park, Dodger Stadium, Petco Park

Bonus Feature: The A’s are at home the previous week (June 5-11) if you want to tack on a home series to the trip, and if you want to hit all five California stadiums within 12 days, the Angels play at home (against the Rockies) starting June 22nd.

As an unofficial member of the ‘Let’s Plan a Girls’ Baseball Road Trip’ coalition that always involves an interesting mix of my long-time friends, new baseball friends, and always the random AN guy or two, I pay close attention to great trips that involve the A’s…and boy, do I have a doozy for you this year.

For you out-of-state NRAF’s, this is the week to come out to California. For my NL ballpark fans who have been waiting for a visit from the A’s; you too. Anyone from California, north to south, put it on the calendar, and some ANers on your couches.

Here is your chance to attend nine A’s games in ten days, and see three truly awesome NL parks in the process. Our journey begins on Friday, June 12th in San Francisco’s AT&T Park, where the A’s play a three-game series against the Giants, and we all get to spend a fun-filled weekend in beautiful San Francisco. Monday is the travel day for all of us, as the team and the road trippers head from San Francisco to Los Angeles as the A’s take on the Dodgers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, leaving the days free for Los Angeles sightseeing. Friday the 19th starts another road-trip weekend in gorgeous San Diego as the A’s cruise a couple of hours south for a three-game series against the Padres. After Sunday’s day game, you can return to your regularly scheduled lives or travel to Anaheim to complete the California sweep.

If you have ever wanted to travel California with baseball as an excuse, I’ve highlighted what I think is the best road trip of the year for A’s fans, and if you wanted a full week of baseball, with plenty to see and do during your downtime, it’s hard to top San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego back-to-back-to-back. Of course, you can throw Oakland and Anaheim in at the start and finish of the trip, if you really want to get fancy; or if you simply have to see the A’s at home.

Stadium single tickets go on sale:

Oakland: January 24th (this Saturday) at 10AM
San Francisco: Saturday, February 7th
Anaheim: TBA
Los Angeles: TBA
San Diego: TBA

Even if you have seen these ballparks before, they are some of the best, and the A’s don’t visit the Dodgers or the Padres very often. I make no guarantees on how the A’s will play, or who will be on the team at the time of the trip, but I can promise you three great cities, three great parks, and at least some fellow A’s fans. If you are thinking of one baseball trip this year, I highly recommend this one.