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The Return of World Baseball Classic

I remember just a few short years ago in March of 2006, the World Baseball Classic came around for its inaugural run. At the start you can say that I was quite the skeptic. My feeling was that the A's had just come off an injury-plagued season and I was afraid that it would only make it worse. The A's have had quite a few injury-plagued seasons since then, but I don't think the WBC had anything to do with it (although I do think Loaiza wound up injured because of his participation in the first tournament).

I had forgotten that it was even coming back this year until recently when my brother sent me a text message asking if I wanted to go see a game with him at Dodger Stadium. I figured it might be fun to go, but the first WBC would be mostly remembered by me for seeing Matsuzaka the first time and looking for the famed gyroball. Well that and the fact that some dude named Stubby Clapp was going to be playing for Canada. Other than that, I didn't get that much into it. I will get more into it this time if AN's own Brad Ziegler makes the USA squad as Flashfire pointed out in his recent Fanpost. I'm still overly paranoid that Joey Devine or Ziegler makes the squad and blows out an elbow or something throwing harder than they're ready to that early in the spring.

So we're almost into February now and before we know it, we're going to see the players working to get ready for the World Baseball Classic. I understand that it matters so much to some of the other countries involved. I mean, the Dominican Republic, Japan and Puerto Rico? I can imagine that this tournament is a great measuring stick by which they draw national pride from. I just don't feel that way. I came around later in the tournament, but initially I just watched the games hoping that any of our potential players didn't get hurt.

Here is my question for you, AN. Do you care about this tournament? Did the last one sell you on it or do you think it's still just a cheap marketing gimmick by Selig and his cronies? Maybe this is one instance where I'm just a cynical dude and I should pony up for my USA cap.