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The Angels' Puzzling Off-Season

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Angels' off-season - not that there is much to make of it, other than "a lot of doing nothing." Letting K-Rod go was decided, I believe, a long time ago as LAA used and over-used their closer freely as needed knowing he would be pitching elsewhere after 2009 anyway.

Keeping Teixeira was most certainly a goal, but the Angels had to know they may or may not be able to keep a Boras client who was sure to be coveted by other high payroll teams and who even had a known preference for the East Coast. So what was LAA's plan if they couldn't re-sign Teixeira but still hoped to be the class of the AL West in 2009?

Perhaps the economy has impacted the Angels more than it has impacted an average major league team, or perhaps they made a judgment call that they had won the 2008 division so handily, they could rest on their laurels and still take the division in 2009. Or...What?

I'm just surprised that a team so lacking in offense has shown no apparent interest in hitter after hitter, as Burrell and Giambi have found new homes, Dunn and Manny appear to be off the Angels' radar, and few options remain to supplement a lineup whose second most potent hitter may be a 33 year old Torii Hunter. For that matter, why did the Angels have no interest in Rafael Furcal, whose first choice was to stay in Southern California? Because Erick Aybar is just that great?

What is the Angels' plan and why is it - at least as of January 13th - so passive? Not that I'm complaining.