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Rickey becomes sixth Oakland "A" to enter Hall

As Flashfire reported earlier, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice are this year's entries into Cooperstown.

I selfishly hoped that Rickey would be the lone inductee, but if someone else had to join him I am glad that Rice did, though I am a little bummed that Andre Dawson, Bert Blyleven, and Tim Raines were denied.

But hey, it's Rickey's day. Congrats to the greatest player ever to wear the green and gold.

Rickey waves cap

Other Oakland A's to play (or manage) their way to baseball's highest honor, in order of year that they received the call from the Hall:

Jim "Catfish" Hunter, 1987:


Rollie Fingers, 1992:

Rollie 72

Reggie Jackson 1993:

Reg Game 6

Dennis Eckersely, 2004:

37- Eck G4

Dick Williams, 2008:



Once again, congratulations Rickey!