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The Holliday Market

The baseball rumor-du-jour is a report in the Denver Post that the Giants are making an aggressive play for Manny Ramirez.

Some knee-jerk skepticism to that report is understandable; the Giants might simply want to drive up the price for the Dodgers, who had seemed to be his only suitor. But as Tim Dierkes of mlbtraderumors points out, the Giants spoke to Scott Boras about Manny back in November as well.

Let's assume for the sake of me having something to write about that San Francisco's interest is genuine. I'm going to make a lot of other assumptions in this post too - just go with 'em!

Manny led all hitters last year with a 7.57 WPA.  if the Dodgers don't sign him, and their division rival does, it creates a Double Impact for L.A. 

Won't the Dodgers be looking to counter that move somehow? They'll still have a hole in left field, despite having the most expensive 4th and 5th outfielders in history under contract.

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Editor's Note #2:  Posting from Jail:

The A’s are one of the few teams in baseball who (seemingly) have the ability to eat money right now in a trade, if it allows them to get good young players they want.

That would seem to make them a good trading partner for the Dodgers, who have been extremely hesitant to add salary via trade in the last year.

I think the Dodgers would be hesitant to trade James McDonald right now, because he might end up being their fifth starter. And it doesn’t make much sense for them to acquire Holliday if it weakens their major league roster by a win or two in the process.

I think that, if the A’s traded Holliday to the Dodgers, my ideal realistic(?) return package would be Andrew Lambo, DeJesus, Jr., and Josh Lindblom. Those are their 3rd-5th-best prospects, all in the B range.

I realize there’s not a star in there, but those are probably three future useful major leaguers. Not a bad haul for one year of Holliday.

I also meant to mention in my previously unfinished diary that, if there’s an offseason market for Holliday, it would make sense that it’s in the the NL West. The Rockies might’ve felt that they couldn’t have traded him to a team within their division.

As for the other 24 teams, if they wanted him as bad as the A’s apparently did, they probably would’ve attempted to acquire him already before the A’s did.

Trading Holliday for the three above-mentioned Dodgers prospects would put the A's 40-man roster at 39.

Then I'd sign Giambi, let him thumb-wrestle with Cust over who has to play the field and who gets to DH, and call it an offseason.