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Happy New Year!!!111

Why would any man need a wife if he had AN? Right here, I can interact with a bunch of boobs, constantly be told I'm wrong, and be blamed for things that I don't even remember I said three years ago. So may 2009 bring more of what makes AN great, such as:

* "Patterson, Pennington, Casilla, Bowen, and Hannahan for Yunel Escobar - I know, five players is a lot to give up but Escobar is pretty good."

* "o no here we go again. your not allowed to say anything bad about beene on this site even though he made the kelty trade and how did that work out?"

* "How can you not want Garret Anderson to DH - the guy doesn't strickout nearly as much as Cust!!!!111"

* "You're wrong!"
   "No, you're wrong!"
   "I feel sorry for you for how wrong you are!"
   "Your wrongness is so blasphemously and blatantly absurd that it brings wrongness
    to a whole other stratosphere of wrongness!"
   "Not true, PT."
   "Yes it is, grover."

Thanks to my second-most dysfunctional family for keeping me off the streets and in my underwear, and here's to more lively banter in 2009!