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Rajai Davis, Triples Masheeeeeeen!!!

Thanks in large part to Rajai Davis, you will all be spared the diatribe I was preparing in my head most of the game about the A’s unique inability to hit Nate Robertson like the piñata he is for the rest of the league.

Trailing 2-0 in the 6th, Rajai poked a triple into the right-field corner and scored on Daric Barton’s sacrifice fly to make it a 2-1 game. Rajai then tied the game at 2-2 when he legged out an RBI triple to left-center, a ball that never even made it to the warning track. The decisive run came on Emil Brown’s sacrifice fly, scoring Davis – it was a medium depth fly ball and Granderson didn’t even throw to the plate.

Perhaps the sweetest words I heard tonight were that Bob Geren has announced he intends to make speed, and the stolen base, a bigger part of the A’s game next season. Not stand around and pursue records for runners left on base and objects thrown at my TV set? What I like about speed is that it does not into slumps and it can force mistakes by the other team. At the very least, it gives a team options to make adjustments when Plan A isn’t working. And it gives the team an infectious atmosphere of energy and life – something the A’s offense has not been able to create. Lastly, if the A’s may not win a playoff berth in the immediate future, the surprise bunt, the “when will he go?” steal, the aggressive streak from first to third – it’s just more fun to watch.

Rajai Davis was fun to watch tonight, and he has now put together a pretty sustained run of solid hitting, explosive running, and stellar defense. Like Braden, he has come from pretty far down on the depth chart to put himself seriously in the conversation for 2009. The outfield situation in going to be interesting in March, 2009.

Meanwhile, even though this game was between two teams long out of the pennant race, tonight’s game was electric from the 6th inning on, right down to the last pitch between a pitcher (Ziggy) who has had an amazing season and a hitter (Polanco) who has had an amazing career against the A’s. Pennant races aside, exciting baseball is exciting baseball. I leeve for thees.