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Open Thread: Game 144 - A's at Tigers

The good news is that Nate Robertson can barely get anyone out this year (6.30 ERA). The bad news is that one of his very few effective outings this season came against the A's. Oakland sends Dana Eveland to the mound with the job of avoiding another two-touchdown performance by A's pitching.

Welcome, Jeff Baisley, who is not only up with the big league club but is in the lineup at third base. Naturally, Ryan Sweeney is batting cleanup, because...well he's an ok hitter, I guess.

Tonight's starting lineups:

Davis - CF
Barton - 1B
E. Brown - DH (stop laughing, please)
R. Sweeney - RF
Suzuki - C
Crosby - SS
Cunningham - LF
Baisley - 3B
Pennington - 2B

Granderson - CF
Polanco - 2B
Ordoñez - RF
Cabrera - 1B
Sheffield - DH
Thames - LF
Renteria - SS
Inge - 3B
Ryan - C