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Open Game Thread - Game 142: A's @ Orioles

Well, we'll see whether this happens or not. The first game of today's doubleheader was rained out, and while it cleared up for a bit in Baltimore, apparently (according to Baltimore Sun beat writer Peter Schmuck):

clouds are moving back over the stadium, so who knows?
Schmuck also says that the Orioles, in the event it starts raining again, may likely wait until as late as 9 p.m. ET to try and get the game in. Still no word on when/if the earlier scheduled game will be made up.

So sit back, wait to see if the boys in blue call "play ball," and peruse 67MARQUEZ' rain delay reading, Jennifer's Swoon-y KC photo diary, or mikeA's ode to Out Man.

While we're waiting ... what's for dinner? Too damn hot to fire up the stove, so I'm subsisting on shiitake-and-eggplant pate on homemade sourdough. I might fire up the crockpot out on the fire escape later for some pork tenderloin.

Huh. The SBN lineup widget appears to be busted. Bummer.


Davis CF
Sweeney RF
Suzuki C
Cust DH
Barton 1B
Crosby SS
Hannahan 3B
Cunningham LF
Patterson 2B

Roberts 2B
Montanez DH
Markakis RF
Hernandez C
Millar 1B
Jones CF
Salazar 3B
Payton LF
Castro SS