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Open Thread: Game 140 - A's at Kansas City

Deja vu all over again!

Game two of the double-header is now underway, starring Dan Meyer as a starting pitcher (typecasting, not so much) facing Kyle Davies of the Royals, as the A's try to take the night game in KC after losing what would have been a heartbreaker had it been a different season.

Thanks to the questionable decision to bunt Daric Barton, and a key error in the tenth inning by Crosby, the A's drop the first game 5-4 after clawing back down 4-0 to send the game to extra innings.

Despite only throwing 84 pitches (and pitching not well, but better as the game went on), Geren used Street and Devine for two innings apiece, so don't expect them to be available.

Davis is now in center field for the A's, Sweeney, R moves to right, and Sweeney, M moves to the bench in favor of the DH Suzuki, giving Bowen a chance to catch the second game. Crosby is also benched. I'd like to think because of poor play, but probably just to get Pennington work.


Davis, CF
Sweeney, R, RF
Suzuki, DH
Cust, LF
Barton, 1B
Hannahan, 3B
Patterson, 2B
Bowen, C
Pennington, SS


DeJesus, RF
German, LF
Aviles, M, 3B
Buillen, DH
Butler, 1B
Callaspo, 2B
Buck, C
Pena, SS
Gathright, CF

Here we go! Round two!