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Open Game Thread: The (Real) Last Game of the Season

After emerging victorious after last night's should-have-been-a-meaningless-game-but-played-like-a-playoff-game contest, the White Sox have extended their season at least one more day, as they have given themselves yet one more chance to play in October.

Tied with a regular-season record of 88-74, the two unlikely competitors in the AL Central will meet this afternoon in the ultimate baseball game; one will advance to the ALDS against Tampa Bay, and one will go home to start the off-season. Even in the playoffs themselves, teams get to play at least three games. But this is one--and only one--to decide an 162-game season.

And bonus stats for fantasy players!

Of course, any fan of the White Sox will tell you that they shouldn't be here at all; that the Sox should have wrapped up the division during the last series with Minnesota. And it's true; all they needed was one win, and the division crown was theirs. But the Twins, with other ideas, completed a three-game sweep of the White Sox, to the delight of the home crowd, earning the right to play tonight.

For the fourth straight game, the White Sox will be starting a pitcher on 3 days rest, as John Danks takes the mound against Nick Blackburn for what will be the last game before the playoffs. Those start tomorrow, and they're gonna be good!

And dome tonight! (Can you imagine an all-domed ALDS; what has happened to baseball?)


Minnesota Twins

Span, RF
Casilla, 2B
Mauer, C
Morneau, 1B
Cuddyer, DH
Young, LF
Harris, 3B
Punto, SS
Gomez, CF

Chicago White Sox

Cabrera, SS
Wise, LF
Dye, RF
Thome, DH
Konerko, 1B
Griffey Jr. CF
Ramirez, 2B
Pierzynski, C
Uribe, 3B

Let's go whatever-team-you're-rooting-for!!!!