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A's Take Over Second Place In AL West; Beat Rangers 4-3 in 11 Innings

If the A's miss out on someone great in this next draft to the Texas Rangers, I might just find Travis Buck and give him a wedgie.  I'm just kidding.  It was nice to see the A's keep up their recent hot streak by beating the Rangers in 11 innings.  At the same time, it was disappointing to see Brad Ziegler blow his second save.

I was watching this game tonight just thinking about how fantastic the A's bullpen is going to be next year.  I mean, Smith was out after five innings tonight, throwing 97 pitches over those frames, yet the A's bullpen just threw up goose egg after goose egg.  Blevins, Devine and Street did the job and while Ziggy blew the save with the bomb to Blalock, Embree and Casilla then followed up with two more scoreless innings.  It's not easy to do that in Arlington.  And just think, there is a good chance that someone like Braden will wind up in the pen as well.  If the A's could ever get a lead with the abysmal offense, they should win quite a few games.  The problem will be getting a lead.

Yet again, Travis Buck and Cliff Pennington came through.  First Pennington with a very nice opposite field double and then Buck with a splendid AB that plated Pennington.  I've got to admit that it's awesome seeing Travis Buck back.  He was a complete mystery to me as to why he struggled this year and I think the A's could become a lot better offensively in 2009 if Buck can regain his 2007 form.

I've got to admit that I didn't see what happened to Ryan Sweeney as I was caring for my daughter since my wife can't with her broken ankle.  Anyone want to fill me in on it?

So the A's are back in second place with five games left to play (the Baltimore rainout has been cancelled so the A's are playing 161 games this year).  I would say that if the team can finish in second place despite all the injuries, trades and issues this year, that would be quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you?