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Athletics Nation Gets Its Millionth Comment

Yes, I know it isn't like it's 100 billion comments...

But early today at approximately 1:21 p.m., whiteshoes40 made the one millionth comment on Athletics Nation.  Congrats on being that special shopper, whiteshoes40.

Yes, Athletics Nation started on November 6, 2003 and in less than five years, enough A's fans have felt compelled enough to chime in one million times, in diaries and FanPosts and gamethreads and interviews and DLDs.  It's probably technically over a million if you include the original typepad version of the blog and the initial scoop version.  But this includes at least the last three years.

I'm extremely proud to have started all of SportsBlogs Nation with this blog.  The Oakland Athletics were the epicenter of it all.  And that's how it should be, not that I'm biased at all.  Heh.

I want to say thank you to all of you who make AN special - all the front pagers - Nico, baseballgirl, monkeyball, louismg, notsellingjeans, tajadib, grover, salb and devo.  I also want to thank Billy Beane, Lewis Wolff and all of the A's organization for giving Athletics Nation some amazing interviews over the years.  But most of all I want to thank every single A's fan who makes AN so unique and beautiful.  Yes, this community is a beautiful and unique snowflake, contrary to what Tyler Durden says.

Thank you for supporting this community through everything and continuing to make this the best sports community on the Net.