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Tonight, K-Rod Is Spelled With an 'E'

I don't know what I like better - seeing the A's win four straight, or making the Angels look like complete idiots in the process, but tonight, I'm glad I don't have to make that choice, because we got both. K-Rod, the new all-time single season saves leader, again left us with a memorable sulk-off, aiding the process with his inability to throw anywhere that wasn't named home plate.

After a scary top of the ninth inning, which saw the A's precarious 1-0 lead dashed when Brad Ziegler served up a two-run shot to Mark Texiera, I was not looking forward to another one of K-Rod's anger-inducing goggle-eyed celebrations on our home field. But that never was a risk, as Barton's lead-off single in the bottom of the frame was extended to a double when Gary Matthews tossed the throw in the infield, back to nobody. With Barton on second, K-Rod walked Hannahan, putting the tying and leading runs on base for Cliff Pennington.

Pennington's would-be bunt was awesome as he smacked the ball off the plate, sending it sky-high. K-Rod sent his throw to first well past the base, into the Angels bullpen while the A's came racing around to score and win the game. It was ugly, but as mentioned in the thread, many things about the Angels are ugly, and we'll take wins however we can get them.

The issue of pitchers being unable to field and throw to first or second continues to boggle my mind. They should be among the best, most accurate throwers in the world, but by and large, they make the most bone-headed throws to the bases of any position players. If it were the A's making this mistake, I'd be begging for more defensive practice, but if this is the Angels' style, more power to 'em. Tonight, I am a K-Rod fan. We love you, K-Rod. Thank you.