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Ellis done for the year: cartilage damage in shoulder

Per the Chron's Drumbeat blog, Susan Slusser reports that:

Mark Ellis has a torn labrum in his right shoulder and will miss the remainder of the season

The report goes on to say that it's "not related to the right shoulder injury that caused him to miss the 2004 season."

UPDATE (courtesy of calgbear in comments below):

Mark Ellis will miss the rest of the season with cartilage damage in his right shoulder [...] Chips in the shoulder caused the catilage damage, and Ellis believes that he will require surgery to remove the chips and clean up the cartilage damage. He is waiting for a second opinion before moving on the surgery [...] Recovery time is expected to be three to four months, and Ellis said he will be completely ready for spring training.

Well, this should certainly render Ellis cheaper ... whether it renders him not worth re-signing/extending is another question entirely.

No indication in the brief item as to what his recovery timetable will look like -- though the dreaded "s" word is raised.

I don't think anyone's sold on EPatt's defense (though his range looked good initially, he's just not a "natural second baseman") or offense (certainly not good enough to justify his defensive inadequacy); and this development would certainly explain why we've been seeing Pennington at second occasionally.

Grover, you got any second-baseman trade scenarios ready to go?