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So, who are we rooting for?

After the Angels clinched yesterday (and I hope all of us were away from the television during the celebration, although I still love Teixeira; I can't help it!), I have started to think about the playoffs.

Below are some random thoughts about the teams who might be involved, and I'm curious about where AN is throwing their support.


The Angels played a great season, but let's be honest; they had ZERO competition from the West after the All Star Break. They could have played their entire AAA team and still have clinched with two weeks to spare. I do not wish success on the Angels, but I can appreciate the job they did this season, and I am not too proud to admit that I am jealous of their Torii and Tex. But I would be a happy camper if K-Rod could manage to blow each and every game in the ninth. That would be fun.

Red Sox

Believe me, I have about as much love for the Red Sox as I do the Angels, but I happen to think the Sox are a more interesting team. They also draw crazy TV ratings and make people off the street talk about October baseball, which, IMO, is never a bad thing for the overall sport.


Since Johan Santana left this team, I must admit, I don't find them interesting any more. The M&M combo is one for the ages, but I just don't enjoy watching much about this team. I'd rather watch a team I love, or a team I hate; for me, it makes the playoffs that much more fun.

Tampa Bay

I will be rooting for the Rays all the way. I think this team has an amazing success story, and until they are out of it, they will be my pony in the race. Plus, unlike the previous three teams, they haven't bounced the A's from the playoffs in the last decade.

White Sox

See: Minnesota. There isn't a lot for me to root for (or against) on the White Sox, unless one is rooting for a Cubs/White Sox series. I'm not, and I think while ESPN would take it over a Minnesota/Milwaukee series; I think they are also rooting for something bigger.


The Mets are from New York. It would be a good story for ESPN if they matched up against the Red Sox. Personally, I have nothing drawing me to this team, and there are other teams I would rather see in the race.


How can you not want the Cubs in the World Series? I want to be the generation that sees the Cubs win. I'm all about a series that includes the Cubs, and bonus points if the Cubs beat either of my two hated AL teams.


I can't help it. In addition to the Dodgers being the closest team to my house, I have to admit I'm facinated by the Manny story. Not to mention, but somewhere during this season, I found myself rooting for Russell Martin. Please don't throw things at me.


I have zero opinion on the Brewers, but I'm looking for a big-ticket World Series this time around, and I don't think they fit the bill. However, I do like Sabathia and Sheets, and I wish we had Prince, and I can't remember if we're supposed to be rooting for Kendall or not.


I saw their last two games; I almost am rooting for them out of sheer pity. How do you recover from two back-to-back ninth-inning comebacks only to lose in the very next half-inning? Both nights?! Things look grim for AZ right now, and for Haren and Webb; both have struggled down the stretch.

I know there are a couple other teams still technically 'in the race', but I believe the WS will come out of the teams above. And despite the fact that I would really love both the Cubs and Tampa Bay to go all the way, I must admit that I find the idea of a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series to be infinitely appealing.

Now you can throw things.

So who are you rooting for, and can anyone make a good case for a team to watch this year? Discuss.

ETA - Forgot the Dodgers in the poll. My bad. Write them in in the post :-) We'll do an 'official' playoff thread later.