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Could Be a Quiet Ride to Detroit...

First the good news: 35. Then the bad news: 10.

As the A's rookie phenom Brad Ziegler wrote this morning, today would have been a great opportunity for the A's to stop their losing skid, and leave Toronto with a win. Justin Duchscherer has been among the most reliable pitchers in all of baseball this year, and when the A's started out to a 3-0 lead behind him, it seemed it could actually happen. But it was not meant to be, as the A's are finding new ways to lose. As Comcast Sports Net helpfully told us, this was the first time in Oakland A's history that the team has been swept in three consecutive series of three games or more. Now, tails between their legs, the A's head to Detroit.

As fans of a team that's doing so poorly, even getting optimistic about potential for a win can hurt as it's dashed away. Duchscherer didn't have his best stuff tonight, running over the 100 pitch mark in a short five-inning stint that saw him give up a four spot in the fourth. And Jerry Blevins, his replacement just mocked us in the sixth, managing to give up two runs without the benefit of a hit. How did that work exactly? Try a walk, another walk, and then a throwing error and then the third walk to load the bases, followed by a hit by pitch that scored one, and finally a sac fly.

But at least he didn't give up any hits, right?

Speaking of not giving things up, the aforementioned Zigster extended his scoreless streak to 35 innings to start his career. Pretty soon, maybe we'll start hearing about the A's old nemesis Orel Hershiser? Or not. But at this point, he's a lone bright spot on what's become a very dark clubhouse.

Let me add one more thing - seeing Ryan Sweeney get drilled in the 9th is no fun. This is a year that's no longer about 2008, but it's about the youngsters who will perform for us in upcoming years, Sweeney being among the most promising. Do not hit him, please. Do not injure our guys in the 9th inning of a get-away game. It is not acceptable.

So the good streak is at 35. And our bad one is at 10. Until tomorrow, A's!