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Open Game Thread: Game 114 - A's at Toronto (Cont.)

You know what? For about three minutes, I thought I was going to get the chance to open a new thread with the lead. Stupid me, being so optimistic. For while Justin Duchscherer coasted through the first three innings, the 4th frame was a different story, and the singles to second came in rapid repetition like Chinese water torture. And now, instead of a 3-0 lead, or a 3-2 lead, the A's are again behind, with a 4-3 deficit.

Now, instead of lauding Daric "Staplehead" Barton, who supplied a pair of the A's 3 runs with a long fly that scored Bobby "Jays Killer but not in a David Winfield type way" Crosby, we have to see if the A's offense, as it is, can scratch out any more against Burnett and the Jays.

So if you were planning on taking today to go out and buy lotto tickets, thinking luck had changed? Don't. Save your money.

Go A's?