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Another inner-ear infection? Should the A's get Clorox as a sponsor?

So Travis Buck has apparently been diagnosed with an inner-ear infection -- which had been initially misdiagnosed as post-concussion syndrome.

I think it's a logical hypothesis that Buck has been suffering from the infection for far longer than just since his concussion in AAA. That could well explain his prolonged slump this year.

And I'm seriously wondering if there may be a contaminant in the A's clubhouse: recall that both Dan Johnson and Marco Scutaro suffered unexplained bouts of vertigo while with the A's, and DJ eventually developed a rather serious sinus infection.

Could that explain Daric Barton's prolonged 2008 slump? Heck, could it explain Barton's inadvertent shallow-end-of-the-pool head-bonking over the ASB? Dizziness and altered depth perception would certainly contribute to someone misjudging a dive ...