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2008 Poetic Interlude #7: Gang of Forst, "We Dwell in Poverty"

[Man, if anyone makes a movie in the next 5-7 years about Gang of Four, I want Christian Bale to play Jon King. And I think my next Go4 adaptation will be about Mark Ellis's hitting: "At Home He's a Zobrist."]

[Original lyrics here. Note: this is a crappy transcription of the lyrics, but every lyrics site available botches this song.]

[Poetic Interlude after the jump.]

With new arms we shall rebuild
We only get walks
And there’s no stars
In Oakland right now
Some guy named Beane
Yeah, he's in charge

We dwell in poverty
We’ll trot out a cheap nine

To hell with contending
The rooks will arrive
Called up from Sacrament'
A swell new stadium
A 20-mile drive
Once the EIR is done

Minor-league farm we shall restock
We're light on base-knocks
And third-base depth chart
In Oakland right now
All of AN
Thinks they're in charge

We dwell in poverty
We’ll get no free agents signed

To Fremont with poverty!