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Open Thread: Game 132 - A's at Angels (Cont.)

Three hours into the contest, what once looked like a game the A's were going to, for once, win going away, is a one-run contest which Bob Geren is managing as if it were the 7th game of the World Series. We saw Gio Gonzalez yanked after 3+ innings, and have seen a precession of Embree, Casilla, Blevins and Street to follow, to get through six full and keep the A's in the lead, albeit by only a single tally.

Speaking of managing, if the Angels are to try and close the gap, they'll have to do it without the "services" of Mike Scioscia, who was tossed for his usual grumpiness.

The A's head to the bottom of the 7th, leading 6-5, looking to win a three-game series for the first time... in a long time. Go A's!