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Open Game Thread - Game 129: A's @ Mariners

And the lineup just keeps getting weaker and weaker.

No Cust and Ellis tonight, though according to Slusser Cust is available to pinch-hit and Ellis is taking "at least one" if not several games off as a precaution. Eh, what the heck -- time to see what Patterson can do anyway. He didn't look half bad at second last night, even considering his short-armed throw in the dirt to Barton that opened the floodgates for the Mariner rally. He still needs to show some more life at the plate, though.

Dana Eveland returns to the A's starting rotation tonight after Limbo'ing in Sacto for a couple weeks. The A's depleted, Crosby/DFA-in-the-2/3-slots lineup gets to face Jarrod Washburn, against whom the A's hitters, even the righties, have some fugly numbers. Hannahan in the lineup against a lefty is a puzzler, though. Washburn's platoon split seems to have been increasing in recent years, so maybe Crosby and Emil can both make some solid contact. And maybe Steven Soderbergh will call my cell and offer an option on that screenplay that I haven't even sent him yet ...

Woo. Hoo. Go. A's.


Oakland Athletics @ Seattle Mariners

08/23/08 7:10 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners
Rajai Davis - CF Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Bobby Crosby - SS Yuniesky Betancourt - SS
Emil Brown - LF Adrian Beltre - DH
Frank Thomas - DH Raul Ibanez - LF
Kurt Suzuki - C Jose Lopez - 2B
Jack Hannahan - 3B Wladimir Balentien - CF
Daric Barton - 1B Kenji Johjima - C
Carlos Gonzalez - RF Bryan LaHair - 1B
Eric Patterson - 2B Miguel Cairo - 3B