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Rickey Henderson Coming Back to Oakland A's in Non-Player Role?

Yes, folks, I sat down for a two-hour or so interview with A's owner Lewis Wolff today at his Los Angeles office and he confirmed to me that he's in negotiations to bring Rickey Henderson back to the Oakland Athletics, where the greatest player in Oakland history will be when he is eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2009.

Lew wasn't specific with the capacity in which Henderson will be with the organization, but it won't be as a player.  He hinted at a goodwill community ambassador-type of position but that they may also use him to tutor the young A's.  I think they're still developing what exactly that role will be.

It's been far too long that Rickey has been away from Oakland and I'm happy to report that, as long as things go well between Wolff and Henderson in negotiations, that will not last much longer.  It's only fitting that Rickey will be Rickey once again with the green and gold in the year that he'll wind up being enshrined at Cooperstown.  Even if it isn't as a player.

As for the rest of my lengthy Wolff interview which covered everything from his frustrations around the plodding movement of Cisco Field's future to the rebuilding of our beloved franchise to the recurring injury problems with A's players, I'll be transcribing and hopefully running it in several parts early next week.