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Open Thread: Game 125 - A's at Minnesota

Not to get too greedy, but the A's are just one win away from a two-game winning streak. Granted, it's not the 20-game streak Oakland accomplished in August, 2002, but six years later, take off the 0 and keep the 2 and heck - at this point we'll take it. Though frankly, I'll be disappointed if there's any pitch in this game after which the A's don't lead.

Sean Gallagher, who needed 91 pitches to get through 4 wobbly innings against Tampa Bay last start, tries to rebuild his confidence, as well as coaches' and fans' confidence in him, to throw strikes. He is opposed by aptly-named changeup artist Kevin Slowey, part of a Twins rotation of pitchers who match the youth of Oakland's rotation, but who currently throw a lot more strikes.

Tonight's starting lineups:

Ellis - 2B
Patterson - LF
Cust - RF
Thomas - DH
Suzuki - C
Crosby - SS
Gonzalez - CF
Hannahan - 3B
Barton - 1B

Span, Span, Span, Eggs, Sausage and Span - RF
Punto - 2B
Mauer - C
Morneau - 1B
Kubel - LF
Ruiz - DH
Buscher - 3B
Harris - SS
Gomez - CF