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No mo': White Sox 2, A's 1

This was a game that was dominated by the starting pitchers.

Dominated by their inability to throw strikes or work efficiently, that is.

Sure, there were only 3 runs scored in total, but that was essentially a matter of luck (on the part of the A's pitching) and suck (on the part of the A's hitting).

Greg "Nibbles" Smith lived up to his nickname, constantly pitching deep into counts. The White Sox were only really able to touch him up in the 2nd, when it seemed like every batter was hitting a screaming line drive. Two runs came across for the Sox, and while it seemed like they were always on the verge of scoring more, those 2 were the only runs they'd need.

John Danks didn't really pitch any better than Smith, but he was more "effective." The A's worked 5 walks and 6 hits off Danks in 6 innings, but they were undone by G'ing I 2 DPs (Crosby and, most painfully, Frank) and striking out often in the first 2 innings. Emil Brown did drive in Suzuki to get the A's on the board, but that was it for the scoring.

Smith's confidence and aggression have been on a downhill slide all season. He really needs to start working on going after hitters and trusting his defense.

And the A's offense ... well, when the biggest hit of the game was Nico banning FIRESALE ...

Final game of the series tomorrow at 1:05.