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Open Game Thread - Game 122: A's vs. White Sox

If there's ever a game to hope that "momentum" does exist in baseball, this afternoon's contest between the A's and White Sox would be it.

The A's are coming off of what must have been a highly emotional come-from-behind victory last night, with not only Suzuki's walkoff blast as a highlight, but the fact that all of the A's runs came on homers (a solo shot from Ellis, plus a solo and a 2-run Jack from Cust) and Braden's nice recovery and Huston's return to form.

Greg "Nibbles" Smith gets the start for the A's, facing the White Sox' John Danks.

Game time, for those of you (like myself) who missed the announcement last night, is 12:55 PDT in Oakland. Go A's!


Chicago White Sox @ Oakland Athletics

08/16/08 12:55 PM PDT

Chicago White Sox Oakland Athletics

Orlando Cabrera - SS

Mark Ellis - 2B

Nick Swisher - CF

Kurt Suzuki - C

Carlos Quentin - LF

Frank Thomas - DH

Jermaine Dye - RF

Emil Brown - RF

Ken Griffey - DH

Jack Cust - LF

Paul Konerko - 1B

Bobby Crosby - SS

Alexei Ramirez - 2B

Daric Barton - 1B

Juan Uribe - 3B

Rajai Davis - CF

Toby Hall - C

Cliff Pennington - 3B