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All hail Lords Selig, Hill, and Goren! TODAY'S A'S GAME MOVED TO 12:55

Thank Ba'al that my Saturday-morning routine includes reading the fishwrap version of the Chron, otherwise I plum woulda missed this.

Today's game, originally scheduled for 6:05 PDT, has been moved up to a 12:55 PDT start time to accommodate the regional FOX telecast.

So, I guess we're not supposed to complain that we the A's get quasi-national media exposure, right?

Instead of considering this an open thread to vent at Unka Bud Seligula, FOX Sports, and the entire mainstream sporting media ... let's make this the what's-for-breakfast? open thread.

Peet's macchiatto, Acme sourdough cheese wheel, and local peaches and blueberries for me.

[I'll have the game thread up later. Just figured it was best to get a notice up here.]