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AN Day V - The Tailgate Final Update!

Well, I can't believe our tailgate is on Saturday, but it is! Tickets have been mailed, and should be arriving no later than today, unless you have made special arrangements with me.

I have received numerous offers for help, and right now, have a group of 6 cars who are all meeting at the Hagenburger entrance (just to meet; we are actually entering at 66th) about 3:00 PM on Saturday. We will all drive in together, and set up a tailgate. We are planning to display green and gold balloons on the cars, and hope to be in the far eastern edge of the A Lot, but realistically, we will take what we can get when we drive in.

For those of you who have purchased tickets, you have our contact information to find the group, but if you need to be able to reach us, PLEASE email me before Friday at baseballgirl1976 at hotmail to get some cell phone numbers to find the tailgate.

Thanks to generous donations of time and money from fellow ANers, we will have some food and drinks available at the tailgate. You are welcome to bring whatever else you would like (sausages, chips, snack food, dessert), but you are also welcome to just show up and eat.

What we need:

  • If you have a car, and can come meet us early, please do!
  • If you have a small BBQ that you can bring, bring it!
  • We can always use coolers filled with ice
  • We can use chairs/card tables if you can bring those too
  • Extra napkins and cups are always appreciated

I will see everyone who is coming early outside the gate right about 3pm. Everyone else, I look forward to meeting inside the parking lot.

A big THANKS AGAIN for all of your help, and we look forward to our get-together on Saturday!