Harden to the Cubs, according to WSCR-670, in Chicago (UPDATE: THIS IS OFFICIAL)

WSCR-670 in Chicago has a reporter at Wrigley Field who has indicated that there is a great deal of buzz that the Cubs have made a trade, seemingly for Rich Harden, primarily involving major league players.

UPDATE: The Score (WSCR-670) is indicating that Sean Gallagher is one of the Cubs players involved.  The A's fan in me asks: how many starting pitchers do we we need?

UPDATE 2: This is official, Jim Hendry (Cubs GM) is having a press conference at this moment.  Sean Gallagher and Matt Murton are involved.

UPDATE 3: Here are a link to the story.

This is my first post here.  I'm a dual Cubs-A's fan (Cubs first, from Chicago) and a fan of your site.  I'm hoping someone here will have some more info, and I'll post an update here if the Chicago stations have anything more to add or if anything is official.