Cubs Want Some Harden

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I found this to be the topic that I want to talk about all the time now because we're really getting to a fascinating time of year.  The trading deadline is just a little over three weeks away and the A's are sliding a bit now. I wouldn't doubt if this upcoming weekend is the decision time for Beane as to whether or not he's going to make Harden and Duchscherer available for the highest bidder. This could be one of the most interesting trading deadlines in Billy Beane's tenure as GM.  - Blez


From Rotoworld:

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Cubs have been talking with Oakland GM Billy Beane in hopes of attaining Rich Harden.
The Cubs were looking for starting pitching before division rival Milwaukee snared C.C. Sabathia, and that move made the need slightly more pressing. Still, the A's are only six games out of first and might wait until closer to the deadline to start dealing. The Cubs are also thought to be interested in San Diego's Randy Wolf.

Who do you think Beane is asking for in return for Harden?

Josh Vitters is a really interesting name... their top pick from last year, hasn't even turned 19 yet, but we don't have too many 3B prospects. He's had some hand injury all year, so he hasn't played much.

Felix Pie is another interesting prized Cubs prospect who they've shuttled back and forth between the majors and minors, but still has amazing power/speed tools.

In terms of pitching, Samardzija, the former WR could be interesting. Another guy is Rich Hill, who after a breakout 2007 campaign suddenly can't find the plate even back in the minors. They also don't seem too sure that they want Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher to be a part of their future rotation.