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Open Thread: Game 86 - A's at White Sox

You have to pay $126,000,000 to find a bigger loser than Joe Blanton. Blanton, who keeps setting Oakland A's records for "fastest to x losses!" tries to earn his 5th win instead of his 12th loss. He is opposed by crafty left-hander Mark Buehrle, whose six June starts produced a 4-0 record, 1.60 ERA, and six quality starts. Blanton and Buehrle are among the fastest workers in the American League, so White Sox fans should not count on the Fireworks Show starting on time.

Keith Foulke is on the DL, Jerry Blevins is up to give the A's a second lefty in the bullpen, and Wes Bankston has a batting average as he starts tonight's game. The lineups:

Ellis - 2B
R. Sweeney - RF
Suzuki - C
E. Brown - LF
Cust - DH
Bankston - 1B
Gonzalez - CF
Murphy - SS
Hannahan - 3B

And now here's a real lineup!

Cabrera - SS
Pierzynski - C
Quentin - LF
Dye - RF
Thome - DH
Crede - 3B
Swisher - 1B
Uribe - 2B
Wise - CF